Career Hesitancy

It’s been a month since I graduated from a prestigious school with a degree in IT with awards in Thesis and Internship. Way back while I was in my junior year in college I took a Professional Examination, It was an examination given to professionals for an added credential and a requirement to have a regular position in any Government Offices. I took the exam way back in 2011 and happily I passed on my first take. I don’t have the intention on taking the exam seriously, what I have in mind that time was to peep into the type of exam and its coverage and then take it the next examination but I passed.

Now that I have the certificate of being a licensed professional I am in the middle of choosing whether to search for a private company that would hire me in job related to my field of study or work in the government as a government employee. But the thing is the President of the Philippines set rules and removed the incentives given to government employees like the 13 month pay, extra allowance and other services. Well that’s what my friend’s mom told me regarding the abuse of the government.

Another thing is that they will also implement another Act that if both individuals (couples in particular) share the same Agency for the pension, either one of them will only receive the benefits. Isn’t it so unfair? they work like slaves (even though they are being paid) then these types of rules will be implemented? It really caught my attention and come to think of it the president still has 3 years more in the “Power Chair”. Some of the couples file a divorce (just for formalization) to evade the rules implemented by them (the government).


I was thinking to work in a private company like HP, Dell, IBM and other Technological Companies but then I still want to study, I was thinking of working in a government and during the night shift classes I would attend my classes (I am referring to a University Law School). If I work in a private institution I won’t have any time to go to a post grad school like Law School since working on a Development Team would stress me up and needs a rigorous activity to complete a single project.

I really want to go a Law School and it’s my dream, I am having hesitation on what track should I take. If you are wearing my shoes, What would you choose?

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5 thoughts on “Career Hesitancy

  1. What to do depends on how old you are and how you will finance law school. If you must pay for it yourself, I’d work for a couple of years for the firm that offers the most pay. You’d be able to concentrate on your duties as part of a development team without the added pressure of attending school and save money at the same time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
    If time is of the essence because you are older or have a family, perhaps now is the time to attend law school so you can finish without interruption.
    It seems reasonable to expect that, as a new employee, you may be working some evenings for the private companies.

    1. Thanks for the kind post. Yes, I have to pay for my tuition though my parents can still support me. But I want to go to Law School using my own efforts, they should rest already, that’s what I have in mind. I was offered a job today and we have the same reasoning perhaps I should go to a firm 1st for 2 yrs then get back to Law School. Best Regards

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