The conversation about an unfair deal

Heard about Spells, Black Magic, Charms and other Ritual Incantations? These rituals and incantations had been practiced way back from history, from the Book of Genesis Eve and Adam. Surprised? You should be, a brief story about what happened in Heaven’s Garden during the very first creation of men in a religious point of view, Both Adam and Eve were told by God not to approach a certain tree and as we all know it the “Tree of Knowledge”, and yes they were warned not to approach the tree but still because of their curiosity they still went there, Meanwhile while they’re under the tree a serpent appeared. Woah, this is the part I wanted to share, the serpent ofcourse without its hands nor feet offered the apple and distracted Eve to take a bite and gave it to Adam to have a bite too, well obviously that was the story and I wasn’t there to confirm it.

               So much for that and let’s move on, the serpent was not just an ordinary serpent, it was Satan, Iblees, the Devil, Prince of the Darkness, Lucifer and all names of every religion which exist of today described him. YES, it was him, uttering the smooth words to attract the two innocent creations to into his will. And those words are uttered up until now. You don’t believe don’t you? You don’t have to, just keep reading.

               Incantations and Rituals are acts and movements of a spell invoker using the elements of nature on their hands for a specific purpose, offering something like chicken, horse, cattle, house, wealth, health, child, siblings, and even life. There practices offer something and deal with the Demons for a certain purpose. What are those purposes? Other used it for Wealth, for Immortality, for Health, for Fame, for Lust and for Love the most common act of ritual in different forms and process.

               Now we’re talking, One of my friend have this lineage of sorcerers and black magic practitioners and well I was curious about it, during our college days he have this small bottle along with him, an ordinary bottle in the outside but when I tried to open it up he stopped me. I asked him “Why? I just wanted to smell this perfume.” He then said to me “I’ll just give you another one with the same scent but not this one.” So at the back of my mind he is hiding something from me in which I am so curious about.

               You know what I did? I offered him to a bar and I was a hard drinking before but not anymore today. I let him drink all the beer he wants just to let get him drunk and ask him about the bottle, and my planned worked. He got drunk and wew finally the time came for me to ask. I saw the bottle inside his shirt’s pocket on the upper left corner, I took it and told him “I don’t want to go home with this scent brother can you give me even just a pinch?” I was amazed by his answer and told me. “We are just watching and observing you while we are drinking, you don’t drink that much and let me drunk all the liquors and now you’re asking me?” I was shocked how he was able to give me those words. He then told me “Tomorrow let’s meet here and I will tell you what you want to know about my secret.”

               He told me to bring a perfume with me and so I did. and the day came for us to meet again. He told me to give him the perfume he told me to bring. Then what he did was he took out a bottle and drop a single drop of liquid from his bottle to mine and sealed my perfume. He then told me, “When you go home, drop a blood of yours into your bottle and the perfume of love will attract all females that would smell your scent”. I was like “OMG! For REAL?!!” I tried it, I failed, and it didn’t work on me. I told him how will I let this perfume work on me, my crush don’t approach me, the female who I adored keep ignoring me. And even he doesn’t know the answer.

                So I threw the bottle into the sea while we were on a ship sailing on its way to our province. I met with some relatives of mine who also performs this unusual practice like sitting in the river and picking pebbles throwing straight to our front to cast away demons. How unusual these people are and a bottle on the middle of the ceiling to cast away “Aswangs”? My Goodness is there any normal behaviour in this world?

               While I was on the urge of looking for answers on these kinds of phenomenon, I came to an individual who happened to talk to people who got possessed by demons inside them. It was a long conversation but let’s make it short. This individual happened to have a woman with him who had a third eye, an individual who happen to see and feel paranormal beings. I was watching and observing, he called a demon to enter the lady’s body and so the moment of interrogation begun.

               He asked him [the being inside the lady], “who are you? Do you have a religion or not” The demon answered: “I have no religion, but I obey Lucifer ahahahaha”. It was so creepy, a female body with a huge and loud male voice looking straight into another guy’s eyes with anger and hatred. Anger in a sense that he can’t escape the guy who called him since we thought the demon was a captive and hatred, why hatred? I will tell you later.

               The guy now told him “What will you suppose to do if I didn’t call you?” and the demon answered “I was suppose to distract this guy who happened to offer in our cause.” The holy man asked him “what cause?” he answered “they offer something for us, food, their health, their family and life hahahahaha” the holy man got confused and asked him “do they know they are offering it to your kind?” the demon answered “Ofcourse they don’t know, even if they know they won’t stop asking from us. They keep asking and even bond their life with us for fame, wealth, success and love those who believe in us while they are doing those idiotic steps and movements, it just gives us strength we need” the holy man replied “so that’s the food you’re talking about? When they do those rituals? Is it your food?” the demon told him “YES! Eventhough they can just utter those words they’re still doing those stupid dance steps and movements, they look like idiots and insane people while we are laughing at them, some of my friends while they are kneeling and asking our father Lucifer are urinating at their mouth and faces in which ofcourse they don’t see hahahahaha stupid humans”.

               The holy man then replied “I see I now get your point but I still have questions to ask you, what does your father Lucifer gives you in return?” he replied “his throne for a night” the holy man asked him “how will you be able to have his throne? What will you suppose to do?” the demon went in rage and told him “Can you just please release me and let me go? You are wearing that mark of Shame that light in your forehead it is a Shame for us that mark if we go to your side, don’t expect me to go to the right path I will not go with you so leave me alone let me go and i despise you.” The holy man then told him “I won’t let you go unless you answered my question”. Then the guy told him “We have this competition, to take his throne for a night, all of us gather and go to our mission, among us came to our father Lucifer and told him he did this and that and even make friends quarrel one another but still our father told him that what he did was not enough, but among my siblings came to our father and told him he kept distracting two couples and he didn’t left them until they went into divorce and so our father told him he did well and let him sat beside him.” The man asked him “Were you able to take his throne?” the demon told him “I haven’t yet.” The man interrupted “Have anyone among you able to take his throne?” then he answered “NONE.”

               So during the conversation with them we got information on how they treat those ritual doers and spell practitioners. Lucifer keep convincing his sons that he will give his throne but still he won’t give it to them ofcourse he is the Great Liar of all Liars, another thing the demon told us that no matter what offer those practitioners give they won’t give anything to them in return, they will just mock at them, spit at them, laugh at them and even make them suffer. Make them suffer by how? Once the spell or incantation will not be done properly and since we know offering to them will not give us anything in return, whatever magic or spell we did will be thrown back to you. For FAME, You’ll lose your friends. For Wealth, You’ll just lose more money relying on spells and charms, For Health, losing blood and rituals will cause you even your life, for LOVE? You will just get obsessed to the one you cast on and he/she will not be yours.

               “Whispering words while looking at your target, moon spells in which your target will cry if he/she won’t see you, let you eat a food that was pronounced with a spell, facing a mirror to look good in front of many and many more…” – Spell master from our province I just forgot his name.

 So think before you do such thing, matters like this are serious so don’t let them piss on you, but rather piss on them.



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